Connie's Life and Times

December, 1989: First trip, an overseas trip to Hong Kong and Taiwan to see grand parents in Taipei. Later on, grand parents moved to Los Angeles after retirement. Visited grand parents frequently. Became grandfather's favorite.

Throughout 1990: Learned how to walk, communicate and play. Began to develop her own personalities.

September, 1992: Enrolled in the Hacienda Heights Christian Preschool. Learned how to make friends on her own and how to work in the classroom setting. Showed an early sign of being a serious student. Remained a straight A student in her life.

September, 1994: Enrolled in the kindergarten at Mesa Robles School. Stayed at Mesa all her school years till her passing. Excelled in classroom and became a leader at school. Very fond of her experience and proud to be a Mesa Robles student.

Also attended Clark Chinese School, the after school program, and began to play piano at Yamaha School.
Both schools remained important to her.

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