Connie's Life and Times

August, 1995: 1st trip with grand parents. Happy days at Seattle and Vancouver. The following year, the family made another trip to Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. Created a strong bonding.

December, 1995: Shadow, a baby golden retriever, joined the family as a Christmas gift from her father to her and Sharon.

Her father was transferred to San Francisco after the Christmas and worked over there for the entire year.

Besides seeing her father on weekends when he flew back to Los Angeles, Connie would join her mom and Sharon to visit him in San Francisco from time to time until he returned home for good at the end of 1996.

While in San Francisco, she also visited her buddy cousin, Nicholas, often.

April, 1996: Family trip to the East Coast for the spring break. Visited parents' old house in Connecticut. Toured New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore and DC. Encountered the first snow in Greenwich, Connecticut. Family had in the past visited many places such as Boston, DC, San Diego, Santa Barbara and Denver during spring break and vacations. Trips not only gave them time together but also exposed Connie and Sharon to the vast world outside LA.

April, 1997: Grand parents immigrated to US and settled in Alhambra, California, a 15-minute drive from Hacienda Heights. Visited grand parents often until her passing.

Remained as grandpa's favorite.

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