Connie's Life and Times

June, 1997: Family trip to the eastern part of Canada, including Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec and Niagara Falls with the family. Grandparents also joined the trip.

January, 1998: First experience with ski at Snow Mountains. Enjoyed the experience very much.

April, 1998: Visited Taos, New Mexico with the family to study the American Indian heritage as the school project.

Summer, 1998: Started swimming for Friendly Hills Country Club and competed at the Sunkist League. Also joined the Industrial Hills Aquatic Club. Remained a competitive backstroke and free style swimmer in her age group till her passing. Also made a lot of close friends through practices and meets.

Went to Maui with her family for a week before the beginning of the 4th grade and her annual birthday party.

Her birthday was always the highlight of the summer among her friends.

September 1998: Entered the GATE program

April, 1999: Went to Carmel with parents for the mission project, while Sharon was in DC for the school trip.

June, 1999: Sharon graduated from Mesa with the highest honor winning the faculty award. Very proud of Sharon's accomplishment.

August, 1999: Family trip to Orlando, Miami, Tampa. Spent most time at Disney World.

September, 1999: Elected as the president of elementary school student body. A breaking point in her life. Became more outgoing and confident. Demonstrated a strong leadership quality.

October, 1999: Grandparents' 50th anniversary. Birthdays and anniversaries are always celebrated in the family. Later in December, celebrated Grandmother's 70th birthday, right before Y2K.

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