Connie's Life and Times

April, 2000: Arizona trip, visiting Grand Canyon.

May, 2000: celebrated dad's 50th birthday and attended the Wrightwood Outdoor School Camp with the school. 1st time away from home on her own. A new experience she enjoyed very much.

August, 2000: Traveled to Europe with the family. Touring England, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland and Luxemburg. Sharon's first time driving in Europe. A wonderful trip with a lot of fond memory.

September, 2000: Began the 6th grade school year. Elected to the student body. Joined the middle school choir. Choir, along with swimming and piano, remained an integral part of her young life.

Spring, 2001: Began learning golf. Played with parents at Friendly Hills from time to time.

April, 2001: Attended a cousin's wedding in DC. Left wonderful impression to many relatives and friends who had not met her before

May, 2001: Went to CIMI school trip. Learned how to kayaking and developed long lasting bond with many of her schoolmates.

June, 2001: Grandpa's 80th birthday.

Summer, 2001: Attended Pasadena Polytech summer school and visited Sharon in Palo Alto where she was doing a summer intern at HP. Last time with Jennifer, Jessica, Stan, David and Nicholas.

September, 2001: The national tragedy took place and wrote a poem. In the same month, selected for peer counseling program at Mesa

December, 2001: Choir performance. Established self as the leader of the choir.

Christmas week, 2001: Family vacation at the Big Island. "Best vacation" as no activities were scheduled. Last vacation with the family.

January, 2002: Family bought a new house based on her recommendation. Her dream house.

March, 2002: As a performer and the stage manager for the school talent show. Passed the Yamaha examination. Selected as the member of Southern California Honor Choir with performance planned in May.

April 1, 2002: Spring break. Moved to the new house at La Mesita. Happy and satisfied. Best life so far. Looked forward to the San Jose choir trip after the break.

April 7, 2002: Had lunch with grandparents. Went to the birthday party with dad and Sharon. Said goodbye to dad and Sharon at 1 pm. Accident took place at 2:15pm at Los Altos Drive near friend's house. Airlifted to the Children's Hospital of LA.

April 8, 2002: Passed away at 1:45 am with parents, Sharon, grandparents, Aunt Jennifer and Aunt Jessica by her side.

April 15, 2002: Rest in peace at Rose Hills with close to 1000 attending the service

May, 2002: "Swim for Connie" fundraising was held at IHAC

June, 2002: 1st annual scholarship awards by Connie Wei Luen Kao Memorial Fund were given to the 4th to 8th students and choir students at Mesa. Connie's name was entered on the choir banner at Mesa

September 5, 2002: Connie's Garden was dedicated at Mesa Robles School

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